“My Sanford Chart” now offers QR code for COVID vaccination status

Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 6:47 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - One month ago Sanford launched scannable QR codes as part of their “My Sanford Chart” that displays vaccination status.

You can access it using an app on your phone, and it doesn’t matter where you were vaccinated.

“If you’ve gotten vaccines at pharmacies or any of the community events a lot of those places do report those vaccines to the state registries. That’s what this update button within the COVID-19 activity will do. You hit the update and it will search those state registries and automatically pull those into your my chart account,” Kara Duncanson said, a clinical application support analyst for Sanford said.

The QR code is not only available on your phone but you can also access it using a laptop or desktop.

“When people were first getting their COVID vaccine it was very important to not lose your vaccine card and take a picture of it. This will kind of replace that. You don’t have to keep track of that anymore and you can generate that code whenever you need it,” Duncanson said.

Staff at Sanford wanted to develop this as part of their “My Sanford Chart” to help patients who travel to areas where vaccine passports may be required. Since launch, they have seen an average of 350 QR codes generated every day.

“We’re seeing those numbers going up so it’s fun to be able to put something out there that people can find useful,” Duncanson said.

If you still want to keep a paper copy of your vaccination status there is an option to access a PDF and print that off.

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