“Let’s go Brandon” ad in Winner newspaper sparks discourse online

Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 10:37 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has been co-opted by opponents of Joe Biden as a stand-in for swearing at the President. Its appearance in a local South Dakota newspaper is sparking debate online on whether it’s acceptable for its supporters to show.

The advertisement for Winner Welding & Machine on page B-4 in the December 22nd print of the Winner Advocate shows owner Brad Assman holding a sign that reads “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase that also means “F--- Joe Biden.”

“The paper came around and wanted a picture, and I said sure. You’d pay for your spot, and whatever you put in there is your business.” said Assman in a phone interview with Dakota News Now.

The phrase has been used by opponents of the President since October, and they continue to use it. Most recently, a man used the phrase to Biden over the phone, while Biden spoke to children updating Santa’s progress over the NORAD tracker Christmas eve.

Assman said “Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t profane, and is preferable to the alternative. A photo of the page showing the advertisement collected local and national attention Monday on social media.

The ad shows Winner Welding & Machine owner Brad Assman holding a sign that reads "Let's Go...
The ad shows Winner Welding & Machine owner Brad Assman holding a sign that reads "Let's Go Brandon," a phrase used to swear at President Biden.(Dakota News Now)

“You know, I mean, I would never put the other version in print. But you can say it without really saying it, I guess is the way I see it.” said Assman.

He said placing the sign in the advertisement is how he wanted to express himself and his business, and said others are free to do the same in whatever manner.

“I put it on there to offend people that need to be offended. In fact that sign is part of two signs that I have on the back of my vehicle. I built a special holder for the back of my vehicle. So when I drive through town and people follow me, they see it.”

Assman said while some may view it as a damaging action to his business, he said it will only bring in more customers in the area that feel the same way.

“I’ve had multiple people contact me, and say they liked it. And I’m in business, and they say, ‘Well, you have to be careful with what you say. You’re going to lose business.’ But I’m willing to bet in this community that it’s going to gain me business and not lose business.” said Assman.

Dakota News Now reached out to the Winner Advocate on its decision to publish the advertisement as part of the full page spread. At the time of publish, the Advocate stated it will not provide any comment.

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