Frozen water pipes could turn into a problem when the weather warms up

Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 10:45 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The start of January has been the perfect conditions for a frozen pipe, with below-freezing temperatures and winds coming from all different directions.

“You always got to listen to your house, so if you hear water running someplace and you know you don’t have a facet on, you better go take a peek at what’s going on,” said Jerry Berg, INTEK Cleaning & Restoration owner.

When the temperature starts to warm, the pipes begin to expand and break, something no one is ever really prepared for.

“They’re overwhelmed, this is a situation that people usually never deal with or they only have to deal with once in their life, so they are not really equipped to deal with it,” said Lance Meyerink, INTEK Water Department Manager.

It’s important to keep your whole home heated even if you don’t use certain rooms.

“Have heat in every room and not close any of the rooms off, you don’t know where the pipes are running in your walls and ceiling therefore to try and save heat by closing a bunch of rooms off is a ticket to disaster,” said Berg.

If you leave for an extended period of time shut off your water. If you are home when the temperatures are too cold, keep the water coming.

“Let your tap trickle all day with warm or even cold water and it’s not going to freeze, the same is true for toilets or any place there is standing water,” said Berg.

If a pipe bursts, you may have to deal with more than just fixing the pipe.

“It goes from really minor things just like a little bit of drywall and some wet carpet that we can take care of to entire basements that are flooded, 18-inches of water in the basement, a lot of things ruined, a lot of people’s contents and the things they value in their life destroyed,” said Meyerink.

If you have valuables that can be damaged by water, take precautions before anything happens. Try putting them in a plastic container or something that doesn’t let the water run through it.

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