West Central girls having banner season thanks to Dynamic Duo

Trojans ranked 2nd in Class “A” led by Haldeman and Kramer’s inspired play
Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 11:18 PM CST
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HARTFORD, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Sometimes great partnerships like the one Rylee Haldeman and Addy Kramer share....

Addy Kramer, West Central Senior says, “We know when to pass it, who’s open and we really have a good connection together.”

Joe Caffrey, West Central Girls Coach says, “When they’re both going it’s a lot of fun to watch. I can just sit back and let them go.”

...come from being the fiercest of rivals.

Rylee Haldeman, West Central Senior says, “She was on the better West Central team and I was on the crappier one.” Addy says, “I’d say we really didn’t like each other for the longest time.”

Kramer moved to Hartford from Minnesota and the two began competing against each other in the sixth grade. Addy says, “I think we were just so competitive with each other.” Rylee says, “We were both like at the same point. Both good at a young age and it sucked losing against them!”

With West Central coach Joe Caffrey knowing they’d each eventually play a big role in the varsity program. Caffrey says, “Oh that was middle school stuff. They were both good players and they didn’t want to back down to each other so they held their ground and now that’s grown into a great relationship for them.”

It started when Addy and Rylee finally came together in the 8th grade. Addy says, “Once we got close on the court we started getting closer as friends.”

And has helped the duo make West Central one of the top teams in the state, ranked second at 10-1. Joe says, “Rylee when she’s going and she’s all in it’s high energy, I mean really high energy and making plays and making the game easier for her teammates. And then Addy can really stretch the floor with her shooting ability.” Rylee says, “Once I get her going and she starts to get into it then it’s game over.”

When their senior seasons end so to will their partnership with Haldeman heading off to play soccer at USD. Rylee says, “Yeah it sucks a lot. Knowing that she’ll probably like not go to USD... I’m going to cry.”

Which is why Rylee wants to share one more championship celebration with Addy.

In Hartford, Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.

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