Someone You Should Know: Representing his state in the ring

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 9:07 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Manny Vargas got an interest in boxing, while watching his older siblings.

“When he started winning a lot, I kind of took interest in the sport. I wanted to try it out, so at home, he would just teach me little drill,” said Manny.

So the 12 year old, Sioux Falls 7th grader, started throwing some punches. “The mentality of pushing, of never giving up, never quitting. Helps me with boxing, so I can never give up. And we never quit, we just keep pushing to the end,” said Manny.

With the help of his dad Juan training him. “He’s tough on me. He pushes me hard. So that if he pushes me hard, then in the fights I know what it’s like to go hard. He’s usually like don’t give up, go after him. And you push. And you fight to the end,” said Manny.

Manny has excelled, winning five of his first seven fights. “It works for your stamina and all the conditioning that you do, so you don’t get tired in the ring. I’m fighting people that are a few inches taller than me. So when they’re taller than me, I usually target the body because they have a longer torso,” said Manny.

Manny puts in the work. Training two hours a day, four days a week. “It’s a good workout. And it’s usually really tough to go for two hours. I kept wanting to do more and more, after I kept winning. Wanted to fight more and get in the gym more, and keep winning,” said Manny.

Because of his success in the ring, Manny was selected to represent his state in the regional Silver Gloves competition. “It’s going to make me want to go out there and push harder and get that win. Means a lot. It means I’ve definitely improved so that I can go out there and represent South Dakota, and I can actually put up a fight,” said Manny.

Remember the name, Manny Vargas.

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