O’Gorman Gymnasts and best friends Boetel and Meyer push each other to excel

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O'Gorman gymnasts
Published: Feb. 8, 2022 at 12:17 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Audrey Meyer and Maeve Boetel spend so much time together you’d think they were sisters. “We both push each other and we have a lot of things in common. So we’re just laughing all the time and having so much fun!” Audrey says.

Even though their starts in gymnastics were very different. “I did it since I was three. My brother was at school and my mom felt bad that the babysitter had to stay home with me all the time. So gymnastics was the only sport that offered for really little kids.” Meyer says. “I didn’t join until I was older, until I was eight, which is pretty old for gymnastics. She probably didn’t know who I was but I knew who she was because she was my age but she was better than me. So she was who I looked up to I guess.” Boetel says.

Dedication and preparation have never a problem. “I feel like we’re both very goal driven. We both wanted to work. When we’re in the gym we wanted to gym stuff and when we were out of the gym we wanted to have fun.” Maeve says.

Yet after coming up completely through the club circuit, the chance to rediscover their passion for gymnastics drew Audrey and Maeve to want to compete in high school. “Club is very intense training and I was kind of losing my high school experience.” Meyer says. “Honestly it’s helped me re-fall in love with gymnastics. It was definitely not a deciding factor but I was happy that she (Meyer) was going to be there too.” Boetel says.

Landing each at O’Gorman as juniors. “They’re just so much fun to not only watch but coach. They’re excited, they’re happy. They bring so much energy to the gym and their energy has helped the others really grow.” O’Gorman Gymnastics Head Coach Skye Bork says.

Each with their own favorite events.... “I like dancing on floor! I like looking at everyone in the crowd!” Audrey says. “My favorite event is bars. I just like swinging!” Maeve says.

Boetel and Meyer have posted some of the highest all-around marks in the state, helping elevate O’Gorman into contention for a team title.

Though they ultimately have to compete against each other... “I’m never standing there and saying like ‘oh maybe she slips up!’ At the end of the day however it falls it just falls and I’m going to be happy for her and proud of myself no matter what.” Meyer says.

Their ultimate goal is to be atop the state championship podium together. “We see each other train every day. We see how much work we’ve each put in. I just think that would be an amazing reward and make everything seem like that’s how it’s supposed to be.” Boetel says.

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