Parkston Chief of Police resigns, cites concerns with mayor

Parkston Chief of Police resigns, cites concerns with Mayor
Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 8:54 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Parkston area social media is buzzing over the loss of their Police Chief, who has been in the community for a decade.

Our team talked to Corrina Wagner back in 2019, when the community had experienced the loss of teenagers to a fatal crash. Not only was she the Chief of Police, she was also the volunteer EMT to first arrive on the scene.

After seven years as Chief of police in Parkston, Corrinna Wagner turned in her resignation. Residents now have questions about what led to her resignation, and how to move forward.

“I love this community I always will love this community. I just was not going to take the backlash anymore,” said Wagner.

The issue at hand is concerned with another officer. She says those concerns are falling on deaf ears at the mayor’s office.

“I’m not gonna jeopardize my reputation, my community’s reputation for an officer that has done things unbecoming,” said Wagner. “I bluntly asked one of the aldermen, if I would pull the same as my other officer stuff that he is done, would I be fired? And he told me yes. They have yet to talk to him on certain issues.”

Wagner wants to remain in Parkston.

“It is very disheartening because I definitely give my heart and soul to this community I still will,” said Wagner.

She plans to continue volunteering as an EMT for the Parkston Ambulance Service.

Dave Pape volunteers alongside Wagner and comments on his appreciation of her dedication to the community.

“I’ve known Corrina Wagner from the Parkston Ambulance for at least ten years. I’ve never met anyone as dedicated to her job as she was,” said Pape.

City Councilor Kenny Henke says the personnel department met with Mayor David Hoffman Monday. Henke wants to find out more details at the city council meeting Tuesday night before commenting further.

Wagner says was called to testify at a DUI court case today, and when she arrived, she was advised that she would not receive the standard law enforcement pay and mileage reimbursement to testify. She then volunteered her time and testified anyway.

Mayor David Hoffman responded to our interview request late Monday afternoon. He says he accepted Wagner’s resignation on February first but is uncertain if she is aware of the acceptance. The resignation will be further reviewed at the City Council meeting.

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