Couples commemorate 2/22/22 by getting married

Published: Feb. 22, 2022 at 7:43 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) UPDATE, Feb. 23 - “Twosday” turned out to be a popular day to tie the knot.

A number of couples chose the date Feb. 22 to get married because it was unique palindrome - 2/22/22 - a way of making their anniversary date special.

We checked in with local officials on Wednesday to get an idea of the numbers. One officiant, Jacob Cox, said he performed 14 weddings Tuesday. The Minnehaha County Register of Deeds’ office says 13 marriage licenses were turned in Wednesday morning - something that’s usually done the day after the wedding.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022, is a palindrome, 2/22/22, and, apparently, it’s a good day to get married.

Couples across the nation chose this palindrome, being referred to as “Twosday,” to tie the knot.

Palindromes are a unique phenomenon on the calendar that happens when the day’s date can be read the same way backward as it is forward.

Dakota News Now spoke with the Minnehaha County Register of Deeds, Julie Risty, to see if this trend was happening locally.

Turns out, it is. As of Tuesday afternoon, six marriage licenses had been picked up in Minnehaha County, and two had been returned, including the newlywed Xayavongs.

Peter and Sovanna Xayavong have been together for 14 years but they decided Tuesday was the day to say their “I do’s”.

“It’s original, it’s different, and I’m all about unique,” Sovanna said. “I just think today, with the date, it’s perfect.”

While they plan to have a ceremony at a later date, the couple had their vows officiated at 2:22 pm Tuesday.

“It’s like all the twos you could think of,” Sovanna said.

Risty says marriages like this happen more than you might think.

“Special dates usually give rise to all of those opportunities for celebration, and for remembrance, and having the date that’s unusual or particularly meaningful to them just adds to that,” Risty said.

Many couples flock to Vegas or plan destination weddings for a special date such as this. But on occasion, Risty says couples walk in, get their license, and are married the same day.

“It’s always a highlight, especially when they come in groups, or they might have all of their family members with them, but it makes it particularly enjoyable for us,” Risty said.

A spiritual connection led Sovanna to pick the day.

“I believe in Angel Numbers, so 2, 2, 2... meaning, the alignment at the right time, right place,” Sovanna said.

For Peter, he’s just excited it’s a date he won’t easily forget. But he added, “he’s a guy,” so he “probably will” anyway.

“For my birthday he always gives them the wrong year, so I was like, this you cannot mess up,” Sovanna said.

2/22/22 won’t be the only palindrome date this week, in fact, the rest of February will be palindrome dates.

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