Augustana’s Dynamic Duo hopes to share a deep NCAA Tournament run

Vikings’ big men close on and off the court
Athlete of the Week-Tyler Riemersma & Adam Dykman
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 1:27 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Tyler Riemersma and Adam Dykman are good at sharing the court.

“The Dynamic Duo! Because I’m a Batman guy I guess!” Augustana Head Coach Tom Billeter says of the pair.

In part because they share just about everything off it.

“He’s my roommate so yeah, we’re always together. Like we get the kind of same jokes. We’ll just be in the room watching something that we like and I’ll send him something on Twitter or something on Instagram and we’ll just be laughing at something!” Dykman says.

Including how they found their way from Division One to Augustana.

Dykman transferred in from South Dakota State in 2017, followed a year later by Riemersma from the Naval Academy, with each realizing they had a lot of work to do.

“I watched a high school game and I was appalled kind of with how slow it was. And I was like, I thought I was working hard back then, but just not even close.” Riemersma says.

It’s where their chemistry began to take shape.

“Any time you come in here in the morning’s Ty is in here shooting. Adam attacks the weight room. They drive themselves.” Billeter says.

And why, after the COVID altered season of 2021, Tyler wanted to return for his fifth season of college basketball and Adam his seventh.

“Kind of going full circle. I mean it’s why me and Ty came back with other guys. We don’t want to end our season on a short season for one and a season where it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.” Dykman says.

With Tyler doing everything inside....

The pair are Augustana’s top rebounders and averaging a combined 30 points per game.

“You play on a string so he’s always opposite of me.” Adam says.

“He always tweets out sunrises, sunsets and Tyler Riemersma double-doubles!” Tyler says.

Conjuring up memories of the last dynamic duo at Augie, Dan Jansen and Casey Schilling.

“A lot of similarities and plus Casey and Dan were really close. They were best friends you know what I mean? So you get these on and off the floor and you develop chemistry.” Billeter says.

Sharing their National Championship ending would be a clean conclusion to this partnership, though that’s one of the few things they don’t share.

“I’m definitely the cleaner roommate! Adam can get a little dirty sometimes.” Tyler says.

“I’ve gotten better too!” Adam says.

“Yeah he’s gotten better!” Tyler says.

“I’m mean since I’m this old I’ve kind of got to start figuring things out!” Adam says.

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