Sioux Falls woman requests prayers for Ukraine, offers ideas how to help

“I have aunts, uncles, my Grandma, cousins. There are about 17 of them that are trapped, said Regina.
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 9:25 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -As a little girl, Regina Brunz moved with her family from Ukraine. They made their home in Sioux Falls but stayed close with family back home. Family reunions created great memories.

“Anytime my family gathers my Aunts make all the traditional Ukrainian foods I am a happy woman, said Regina.

The scarf she wears with the traditional red flowers is a family heirloom from her Grandmother. “When she passed I inherited it from her,” she said.

Regina is longing for the safety of her family. When they tried to flee Kiev, it was too late.

“I have aunts, uncles, my Grandma, cousins. There are about 17 of them that are trapped, said Regina.

So how can we help? Regina asks that South Dakotans contact lawmakers.

“They do have the clout, they do have some power to decide what happens here, said Regina.

Reaching out to others can help.

“I think something that’s really important is if you know any Ukrainians or anyone who’s from Ukraine or has a connection to Ukraine, please reach out reach out and check-in, said Regina.

Verify before you share.

“Repost verified news sources all over social media. I think this is really important to continue to combat misinformation, said Regina.

And intervene.

“Of course, pray, pray, pray, said Regina.

She hopes for a renewed strength for the country of her birth.

“Ukraine isn’t just a political pawn, said Regina. " It’s not a country that we can just sacrifice at the altar of the economy and lower gas prices.”

Updates travel from Ukraine to her inbox. She reads messages aloud from those fighting the Russians.

“We feel your prayer support. Sometimes something really inexplicable happens. We become invisible to the enemy.”

Family in Ukraine and Sioux Falls are miles apart but united in faith.

“Tonight the sirens are louder longer than they’ve ever heard.

So pray for us. Please pray longer and harder than you’ve ever prayed, said Regina.

Regina says she is grateful to the people of Poland for supporting the war and accepting those fleeing Ukraine. She is moved by the Russians risking their own freedom to speak out against the invasion.

She also has family in western Ukraine. The men have joined the war, while the women and children stay and wait for their loved ones to return.

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