Sioux Falls Lyft and Uber drivers take a hit in pay as gas prices rise

Ridesharing drivers consider other jobs due to higher gas prices
Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 5:48 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Being a Lyft driver means you get to meet some great people as you give them a ride. Jason Bechler remembers his biggest month when Sioux Falls hosted a golf tournament.

“It was $6,000, but the majority of that came from tips from the golfers,” said Bechler.

For some of the passengers, getting a Lyft ride is crucial.

“There’s a few people around that if it wasn’t for Lyft and transporting them to and from work, they would not have a job,” said Bechler.

Things are changing for Bechler and all ride-sharing drivers. Both Uber and Lyft Drivers buy their own gas, and right now it’s costing them dearly. More drivers are finding other jobs that make better money, and riders are noticing.

“Their normal pickup times that they’re used to aren’t getting to their location or their jobs as quickly as it used to be,” said Bechler.

For now, Bechler is deciding to continue as a Lyft driver, despite the fact that he’s basically taken a cut in pay.

“It has evolved into more of a commitment to the people of Sioux Falls,” said Bechler.

With fewer Lyft drivers, the best thing to do the next time you order a ride is to order early, at least a half-hour in advance.

We contacted Lyft Incorporated and receive a statement from their spokesperson: “We care deeply about the driver experience and we’ve taken concrete steps to help given rising gas prices. Our investments in programs like our GetUpside partnership and the Lyft Direct cashback debit card are designed to directly save drivers money at the pump. We’ll continue to explore other ways to help the driver community.”

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