Someone You Should Know: The Stys family making a lasting impact on Sanford Heart Hospital

Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 10:21 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Stys family works side by side at Sanford Heart Hospital.

Adam, his wife Maria, and his brother Tom are cardiologists serving the Sioux Falls community.

“We truly work together, on different levels, I was the teacher and they were the teachers for me and we cross-trained and stuck together work together for the benefit of our wonderful patients and community,” said Dr. Maria Stys.

The three came from Warsaw, Poland to continue pursuing medicine in America, ending up in South Dakota.

“We worked together for a long time, my brother and I went to the same schools, same universities same residencies and fellowships, and same faculty opinions since Kindergarten,” said Dr. Adam Stys.

Maria says they wanted to pursue the American Dream.

“I grew up in a communist country, so it was very hard to dream,” said Maria.

The three doctors have developed a shorthand in communication, asking the other for their opinions on patients on how to help them.

“When it comes to my brother, we do cases, complex procedures together and I think patients benefit a lot with that because we know each other very well we don’t have to talk during a case,” said Adam.

Both brothers have children interested in medicine, and they hope to pass the torch to them to continue their legacy.

“We hope that our accomplishments here with Sanford health will benefit our kids, not just our children but the next generation in general,” said Dr. Tom Stys.

The brothers both believe that their families are their biggest accomplishment.

“We managed to keep our families very well functioning, so I think this is the biggest accomplishment. We could marry the work-life and the family-life very well,” said Adam.

“Our children laugh that Christmas is all about patients,” Maria.

They have made a significant impact on Sanford hospitals, by creating a place for heart-specific healthcare.

“I realized there was a need for a top-notch national international quality healthcare institution in the region,” said Tom.

“Came up for the idea of a heart hospital together, as well as cardiology fellowships, at the same time, trying to put the cardiologist program here on a different level,” said Adam.

There’s simply no trust like that of your family.

“We have been both blessed with awesome hands, awesome skills, trained extremely well, are both very high volume operators. It’s not even that Adam is my brother, which of course helps, but I have huge respect for his skills. If I were to ask for a second set of hands to help me in a complex procedure, he would be it without a question,” said Tom.

Adam, Tom, and Maria continue to make a lasting impact on both the heart hospital and the community.

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