Match Day at Sanford Children’s Hospital

Match Day at Sanford Children’s Hospital
Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 11:16 AM CDT
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Students from all over the country found out this week where they matched to get their hands-on residency experience.

“Matchday is the culmination of a process of interviews for our medical students to obtain positions in a residency program so following graduation from medical school, they go on to train in specialties, the closest to our hearts is pediatrics,” said Dr. White.

“It’s definitely a stressful week for all medical students across the country, you find out the Monday of match week if you matched or not, then you have to wait an agonizing 4 days to find out where you matched,” Dr. Stuive.

Sanford Children’s Hospital will welcome six new residents in the next academic year.

“We are the only pediatric residency here in South Dakota,” said Dr. White.

This medical tradition brings incoming residents to help the growing city of Sioux Falls.

“Many of our residents actually go on to practice not only for Sanford but here in the mid-west, and so they get to know us, they become part of our community,” said Dr. White.

Dr. Stuive graduated in the summer of 2021 and started working at Sanford Health as a pediatrician later that year.

“Came here for the location and the size of the program but kind of fell in love with the area and the people,” said Dr. Stuive.

“Our residence team provides a tremendous benefit to our hospital. They’re an integral part of our team, and we enjoy interacting with them, they also fuel our ability to provide care to patients, not to mention that as part of the team they bring an enthusiasm as brand new learners,” said Dr. White.

Both doctors agree that Sanford offers a special environment to grow and form lasting mentorships.

“They become part of our family,” said Dr. White

“The pediatric program here is such a great opportunity to help train the future physicians of the Dakotas,” said Dr. Stuive.

It’s providers like Dr. Stuive that are great examples of why this pediatric residency program is so important for South Dakota.

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