Carrillo’s sister act a hit with Jackrabbit softball

Jocelyn & Rozelyn Carrillo are our Karl’s TV & Appliance Athletes of the Week
Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 11:27 PM CDT
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BROOKINGS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Sibling rivalry can spark Jocelyn and Rozelyn Carrillo.

“One practice she was on second and I was playing center field and I was like ‘I’m coming for you Roz’! And the next pitch I get a ball hit to me, oh yeah I’m running up, I throw right to the catcher but she beat out the throw!” SDSU Sophomore Outfielder Jocelyn Carrillo says.

And they have a sibling to thank for making their way to South Dakota State.

“My brother was a pitcher so she was catching my brother and my brother sent it to the baseball coach (Rob Bishop) and the baseball coach sent it to coach Wood.” SDSU Sophomore infielder Rozelyn Carrillo says.

And once Jocelyn was on board, SDSU coach Krista Wood began recruting Rozelyn in part because she knew what it meant to play with a sister....

“I played with my sister my senior year of college. They’ll have so many stories for playing three years here together. And really four I should say because Jocelyn is taking her COVID years.” SDSU Head Coach Krista Wood says

....and because they were the perfect compliments to each other.

“They get after it. One is an infielder, one is an outfielder. Jocelyn is making diving catches all over the outfield. Rozelyn is just a vaccuum in the infield.” Wood says.

On and off the field.

“I think we’ve gotten a lot closer because we’re so far from home that we that we just kind of have each other.” Rozelyn says.

“She knows me for who I really am and that’s just very comforting to know especially when you’re out here and it’s cold and it’s dark and you miss your family back at home. But you also have a piece of your family here with you.” Jocelyn says.

They each started all 49 games last year, with their bat and glove helping the Jacks make their first NCAA Tournament appearance.

Now the Carillo’s are pushing for more...

“She hit her homerun in the third game I think it was (of the USD series this season). And I’m on deck and all the parents are like “oh Rozelyn, how are you going to top that’? And I’m like oh don’t worry I’ll hit a homerun too!” Rozelyn says. they continue to push each other!

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