Trucking Industry feels impact of high gas prices

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 9:55 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Local trucking industries are seeing the effects of the rise in gas prices, and as we reach a record high in prices today, one Sioux Falls based company talks about how this impacts their business

We’ve all seen the rise in gas prices affect industries across the board and now one Sioux Falls trucking business is seeing this impact.

K & J Trucking fleet manager, Brad Schipper says it’s hard to keep up with the rise in costs.

“We’re hauling loads that paid less than they did a month ago. In addition to that fuel is climbing and so week by week we are behind to keep up with our fuel costs,” says Brad Schipper, fleet operator.

In response to this, K & J Trucking president, Shelley Koch says they have taken actions to reduce their fuel usage.

“The trucking industry in general has always been pretty fuel conscious. So, we’ve always had aerodynamic trucks, added aerodynamic equipment, we all had APU so we’re not idling our truck burning fuel,” said K & J Trucking president, Shelley Koch.

Schipper says another way they must combat the high prices is through a surcharge to the consumer.

“Without a surcharge we cannot survive, but what has happened is we’re seeing a downturn in availability of freight,” said Schipper.

They both agree that the high prices have an impact on all people.

“People are going to do less, they’re going to spend less money, they’re going to be forced to stay home, vacations are going to get canceled, I mean the list goes on and on when you have this type of fuel costs, it’s hard for people just to survive, so it’s going to impact everyone,” said Koch.

As gas prices continue to rise, local trucking businesses will be taking precautions.

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