South Dakotan describes adoption journey, her support of all choices for women

South Dakotan chooses adoption, supports all choices for women
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 1:27 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -When you meet Ashley Meyer, it’s understandable that she will brag about her eight-year-old.

“I just wanted to know like; he’s such a good kid,” said Meyer.

And she wants to clarify something about those who choose adoption.

“I didn’t give him up. I placed him. I placed him in a better home,” said Meyer.

A decade ago, she worked with a Sioux Falls agency and went through profile books.

“Just something that just said this is, this is your couple, and like, this is the parents you want to choose,” said Meyer.

Ashely included the chosen parents for her son in as much as she could.

“I was so open. I was like, let’s take maternity pictures. Let’s do this. Like I wanted them to be so involved,” said Meyer.

And when she went into labor, she called her baby’s adoptive parents right away.

“Good morning, sunshine. We’re gonna have a baby. And she comes off and just laughs and like, oh man; they got there like right away to the hospital,” said Meyer.

Even though the adoption agency may be considered conservative, they helped her find the perfect parents for her son.

“It was very nice to have a couple that like shared the same values as me: is open, democratic, liberal,” said Meyer.

There was no wavering in her decision to choose adoption.

“Why don’t you just do abortion? I was like, No, it’s not. It’s not for me, and that’s okay because that’s your choice,” said Meyer.

While some may think adoption is a solution that all move on from, that’s not the case for most birth moms.

“Stressful. It’s traumatizing. It’s the separation of a mother versus child, and it just feels like a hole in your heart all the time,” said Meyer.

She’s grateful for how things turned out.

“I love my adoption very much, but I don’t think it’s always for every single person,” said Meyer.

Ashley believes it’s up to each person to choose their path.

“So very pro-choice. I believe that women absolutely have the choice to their own bodies,” said Meyer.

So this pro-choice mom says she understands each situation and each decision is very personal.

“I did absolutely everything I could to get them the best I could,” said Meyer.

Reporter Beth Warden comments on her choice. “It’s a very selfless thing that you did,” said Warden.

“Yeah. It is, yeah,” said Meyer.

She also believes that those who promote adoption rather than abortion, consider the children in foster care who are available for adoption now.

The South Dakota Department of Social Services can provide assistance and also points to a nationwide adoption website to find children across the Nation looking for an adoptive home.

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