LifeScape nurse forms close bonds with adult services patients

Nurse Carolyn Hanisch helps take care one of Dana, one of the adult service patients at...
Nurse Carolyn Hanisch helps take care one of Dana, one of the adult service patients at LifeScape.(Dakota News Now)
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 11:02 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - National Nurses Week wrapped up this week and we are marking it by introducing you to a nurse at LifeScape here in Sioux Falls.

She cares for the physical health of her patients but as we found, it also goes far beyond that.

If you think nursing is only about taking temperatures or giving shots, this story will hopefully give you a glimpse into what the job can really be about.

“In nursing there’s kind of beauty because you get to minister people, you get to educate and you get to serve.”, said Carolyn Hanisch.

Carolyn Hanisch has been a nurse for nearly 30 years. For the last six, she has worked at LifeScape.

“I love working with people, especially adults.”, said Hanisch.

One of the adults she works with is Dana. It’s common to find one of them right beside the other throughout the day.

“We just start our morning off by greeting each other and checking on each other and we know each other well enough when something isn’t right. it just gives us an opportunity to check in.”, said Hanisch.

In some situations, like many of those at LifeScape, nurses and the people they help aren’t momentary relationships. They are long-lasting. Bonds are formed and developed and maintained.

“With LifeScape, you really can be with somebody for a long time and be able to go through things with them.”, said Ashley Hoss.

Ashley Hoss is LifeScape’s Director of Nursing for Adult Services and says LifeScape nurses can mark happy milestones....but also weather the tougher times should they arise.

“Just to walk alongside of them and help them through a health issue....”, said Hanisch. >

Carolyn Hanisch comes to work every day prepared to care for everyone the best she can. Her friend Dana was a little shy with the camera around but was able to tell us this.

“She’s my friend.”, said Dana.

She’s my friend. and it’s not just words.

“Dana likes a lot of sensory and so we do tend to give each other hugs. I see that already. Yeah. You’ve got a friend.”, said Hanisch.

Dana and Carolyn take care of each other. With Carolyn leading the way.

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