Midwest Extreme Dirt Track Nationals held in Scotland

Published: May. 21, 2022 at 9:20 PM CDT
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SCOTLAND, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -The dreams of two brothers in Scotland who’ve longed to host Extreme Dirt Track Nationals at their racetrack, are coming true.

Midwest Extreme Dirt Biking Nationals are taking place in Scotland and organizers as well as competitors are excited.

The event has special meaning for the owner of the track, Christian Sorlien. He and his brother built the track themselves, on their family’s property.

“My brother wanted to build a track, he told dad for about three years. My mom goes, just let the boys build it because they’re going to build it when we’re gone so we might as well let them build it so we can see it,” said racetrack owner, Christian Sorlien.

His father’s biggest concern, would people show up?

“He was just worried about, are people going to come, and I told dad, dad they’ll come, and he goes you build it they’ll come, he said go ahead and build it,” said Sorlien.

With his father’s blessing, they soon built the track and, so, their dream began of hosting nationals at their venue.

But earlier this year, their father died. Before he passed, Christian promised him they would one day host nationals at their racetrack.

This weekend, that dream became a reality.

“I kept my promise to him, I promised to have nationals, I told him we’re going to get it, I told him someday we’re going to have them, here,” said Sorlien.

While his father isn’t able to witness the event, he did see the announcement for nationals at their track before he passed away in January.

Now, with racers showing up from across the country, Christain says his father would be proud.

“He would probably say, you finally got it done you know, he would be proud of us I know that,” said Sorlien.

To watch any of the races live you can follow the link at

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