Sioux Falls community calls for action after Texas shooting

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 9:43 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Many people are grieving today after a shooting that took place in Texas yesterday. A local Sioux Falls pastor and mom are calling for action during this time.

Jillian Olson whose daughter just finished 6th grade, wonders when action will be taken

“How many times does it have to happen before it changes,” said Jillian Olson.

She says it can be terrifying as a mother

“When it happens just repeatedly it absolutely terrifying and concerning right before school ends too,” said Olson.

Local pastor at Hope Lutheran Church, Lynnae Sorensen agrees saying action must be taken.

“To lose children, it just hurts so badly and yes we can pray, we can think, we can also act and one of those things is that we have to be people who teach peace,” said local pastor at Hope Lutheran Church, Lynnae Sorensen

She’s holding a lament service at her church tomorrow night for those needing guidance during this time and says it’s important for the church to step up in times like this.

“The church has to be responsible for faith and action in the world today so we can’t ignore the things that are going on and we have a routine of worship on Sunday mornings but we also are called to pray constantly and to respond to things going on in the world so this is one way we can offer a response,” said Sorensen.

As a mother, Olson says it was a talk she had to have with her kids.

“Our kids need to walk into school and feel safe and that’s something we had to talk about today right after school. I said guys, this just happened we need to be safe,” said Olson.

She said action must be taken before it impacts more people

“It’s not just the big town of big cities it can happen in the smallest of places, it can happen anywhere and it’s just over and over again and something has to happen, something has to change with that,” said Olson.

The lament service will be held at Hope Lutheran Church at 7:00 pm tomorrow and is open to the public to attend.

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