Things to consider as you head out on the water this summer

Published: May. 30, 2022 at 10:32 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -With low water levels, high gas prices, and severe weather conditions, getting out on the water this summer could come with some increased safety concerns.

Members of Vern Eide Marine here in Sioux Falls shared some of these different concerns to look out for when getting out onto the water.

This involves being aware and having the required safety equipment.

“Just be aware of your surroundings, know what’s around you, who’s around you. Alcohol can be a factor this weekend was a big weekend for that so just pay attention to be safe. Make sure you have all the safety equipment in your boat as far as lifejackets, throwables, fire extinguishers, said Jason Hohn, general manager of Vern Eide Marine.

Besides general safety, lake depth is especially important this year with water levels lower than usual.

“A lot of lakes right now are all low so if you’re running around, we’ve probably seen three or four lower unit replacements this year. With it being this early, that insane, a typical lower unit costs anywhere from four to six grand. It’s pretty expensive if you don’t know where you’re going, a lot of stuff to hit. If you just pay attention and look where you’re going, know the lake pretty well then, you’re good to go,” said Zach Jordan, sales consultant at Vern Eide Marine.

And with high gas prices, you still want to make sure you’re putting the right fuel in your boat.

“Don’t use the cheap fuel, it will not run efficiently, it might not even run at all based on the really cheap fuel. Unfortunately, with the high gas prices you’re going to want to spend a little bit more to make sure that your motor stays efficient, and you don’t have any problems because it can cost you more in the long run,” Hohn.

They say another concern to take into consideration is fog or other severe weather conditions that can make it hard to see.

“If it’s foggy out, don’t run wide open, like I said the best advice is just to slow down. There was actually a kid in South Carolina early this week that lost his life, he got hit by another run around boat he was out fishing. Just pay attention, there’s more happening in from of you than behind you on the tube,” Jordan.

If you’re unsure about any features on your boat or have any questions on safety tips this summer you can call or visit your local boat dealer.

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