SD State Legislative Candidate Survey: Tim Reed

South Dakota State Capitol (FILE)
South Dakota State Capitol (FILE)(DAKOTA NEWS NOW)
Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 10:47 PM CDT
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BROOKINGS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Tim Reed is running in the District 7 State Senate race. The district is located in Brookings County. He faces one primary challenger, Julie Erickson.

Tim Reed is running to be elected to the South Dakota Senate in District 7.
Tim Reed is running to be elected to the South Dakota Senate in District 7.(Submitted)

1. Tell us about yourself?

I’m a lifelong resident of Brookings. I have a degree in Economics from SDSU. I’ve been serving in the SD House of Representatives for six years and I’m now running for SD State Senate. I served Brookings local government for 13 years, 8 as Mayor before being elected to the SD State House. I currently serve as CEO for the Brookings Economic Development Corporation.

2. Why are you running for this office?

I got to stay in South Dakota when I graduated from College. Many of my classmates left the State to find a career. I want all graduates of High School, Technical Colleges, and our Universities to have that opportunity for a good job. Keeping taxes low and business regulation at a minimum is critical for businesses to thrive.

3. What would be your top three priorities if elected?

Make sure we are producing the workforce that is needed for SD businesses.

Maintain local control for local government and school districts.

Managing State finances. The Biden administration is pushing too much money through the economy, inflation will continue. This false hot economy will slow drastically some time in near the future.

4. What relevant experience would you bring to the office?

My economics background, the 13 years I served in local government, and the past 6 years in the Legislature.

5. Do you support tax relief for South Dakotans? If so, what type and how would you make it happen?

We have to be careful with any tax cut at this time. South Dakota has always balanced its budget and we could see revenue shortfalls in the near future. Our government and schools run very lean and revenue shortfalls could damage our education institutions.

6. Housing availability has become an issue for many South Dakotans. How would you seek to make housing more affordable?

The $200M for housing infrastructure bill passed last session will help. This will be a problem for several years and supply of materials and labor must be increased.

7. South Dakota correctional facilities have been dealing with a number of issues, most prominent among them overcrowding and staffing shortages. What would you do to help combat these issues?

Last session the legislature set aside funds for State Prisons and commission a study to create a plan. I would support pay increases for the staff.

8. What steps should the legislature take to entice young people to remain in the state?

Competition for workforce is fierce. We need to discuss with our young people what they feel is important to keep them. We did this while I was Mayor. We then focused on the amenities they wanted. Our politics may be driving our

younger generation away. If we don’t have the need workforce, our businesses will also leave and the state economy will struggle.

9. Do you support any changes to the way elections are run in South Dakota?

SD elections are run very well. You should always be reviewing the process for changes, but I don’t see any needed changes at this time.

10. A U.S. Supreme Court decision is looming on a landmark abortion case that could ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade. Governor Kristi Noem has indicated she would like to ban abortion outright, and a “trigger law” already on the books would so, with only an exception in place when the mother’s life is at risk. Do you support banning abortion to this extent? If not, what exceptions would you like to see made?

I would like to see an exception for victims of rape.

11. What is your stance on legalized, recreational marijuana in South Dakota?

I’m worried about the effects on society, but if the people vote for legalization this November, I will support it. I have reviewed the initiated measure and it is only one subject and not unreasonable.

State legislative candidates in contested districts this primary season were emailed the same survey to complete for Dakota News Now/KOTA Territory News. Candidates were asked to keep their responses limited to roughly 4-5 sentences for each question. With the exception of a quick spelling and grammar check, answers were not edited by the poster. Those who responded to the survey questions had their results posted.

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