Family gets closure 80 years after attack on Pearl Harbor

Published: Jun. 4, 2022 at 9:36 PM CDT
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BROWNS VALLEY, M.N. (Dakota News Now) -80 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, one family is finally getting the closure they’ve been searching for.

429 Sailors and Marines died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, among them was USS Sailor Laverne Nigg whose remains were recently identified and sent back to his family in Browns Valley Minnesota.

This was part of a large search and DNA collection to identify the different Sailors left in Pearl Harbor.

Today, they were able to hold a funeral, and his niece says this has been long coming.

“I have letters and paperwork back in the 80′s when all this started, where they gave their DNA to help piece the remains together,” said his niece, Shana Nigg-Starr.

His great-nephew says this has been on the families’ minds for decades.

“Growing up you see the picture on the wall, and you always think, someday maybe you’ll see this, and it happens and it pretty unreal,” said his nephew, Dan Nigg.

They’re especially thankful for those who helped to make the service possible.

“Today with all the service, with all the military, ex-military, current military, the whole service. It’s really a beautiful thing to see,” said Shana.

They hope the service will help remember those who have served and encourage people to support local organizations.

“I hope it inspires people to support the little legions clubs in our little towns because this is what makes it happen,” said Dan.

The family wants to thank everybody that attended the service today.

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