Farmers feel the impact from the rise in fuel prices

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 9:41 PM CDT
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LENNOX, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -With gas and diesel prices hitting a new record high today across the nation and here in South Dakota, many people that rely on fuel to do business are concerned.

High gas and diesel prices have affected everyone across the board, now farmers are seeing this impact.

Dave Poppens farms corn and soybeans in Lennox, he says the majority of his farming equipment relies heavily on diesel fuel, which is rising just like gas.

“Primarily a lot of our equipment runs on diesel fuel, so gasoline is not as big of a problem for us. But diesel fuel runs about a dollar a gallon higher than gasoline. So, it’s been quiet the increase in costs for us this spring,” said Dave Poppens, corn, and soybean farmer.

He explains just how large this impact is.

“Some of our equipment will go through 1,000 dollars of diesel a day, so a huge increase in the costs for us. Not much we can do about it; we just have to weather through it and hopefully we can straighten out and lower those prices after a while,” said Poppens.

Shawn Steward with AAA South Dakota says unfortunately the prices don’t seem like they will be lowering anytime soon.

“Right now, we don’t see so far any indication of the prices going down anytime soon, so I would expect throughout the summer at least for prices to remain high. How high, that’s the big question,” said Shawn Steward, spokesperson for AAA South Dakota.

In response, farmers have had to make some changes.

“We changed some of our tillage practices, so we can maybe cut back one less past on the field for tillage and that will save some fuel that way,” said Poppens.

AAA recommends that farmers search out different fuel options for deals as well.

“If you can, shop around for the best prices, we have an AAA mobile app that you can get on your phone and check,” said Steward.

Farmers in the area are hoping diesel prices decrease soon.

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