High temperatures this weekend bring risk of heat exhaustion

With triple-digit temperatures in the forecast, outdoor events come with a risk of heat exhaustion
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 5:03 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - There are several outdoor activities being held in Aberdeen this weekend, but with triple-digit temperatures in the forecast, outdoor events come with a risk of heat exhaustion.

”Signs of heat exhaustion commonly are dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, headache, fatigue and cool, clammy skin,” said Leah Defea, a certified nurse practitioner at Sanford in Aberdeen.

Extreme symptoms of heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke.

”It can even progress to confusion, delirium, unconsciousness, coma and sometimes even death,” said Defea.

Defea says if a person might be suffering from heat stroke, 911 should be called right away.

”The person should be taken to a cooled environment. Put cold water on them if that’s available, or even ice, if that’s available, to areas like armpits or groin. It can get them cooled down while waiting for medical personnel to arrive,” said Defea.

Defea says there are ways to avoid heat exhaustion if you plan to attend any outdoor events.

“Number one, just having plenty of fluids on you to drink throughout the day while you are outdoors at those activities. Water or sports drinks are best with those electrolytes in them, and just sipping on them frequently while out being exposed to those high temps. And then taking breaks to cool down in shaded or indoor environments if you can,” said Defea.

Some of the activities going on this weekend include Arts in the Park, Ipswich Trail Days, Father’s Day specials at Wylie Thunder Road and the first ever Juneteenth celebration event in Aberdeen.

Corey Barbato says he got the idea to organize the ‘Junedeenth’ celebration when his mother got excited about the idea of an organized celebration. He says the event is for everyone, not just persons of color.

In order to prepare for the heat, Barbato has secured ten tents to provide shade at the event at Central Park in Aberdeen on Sunday.

”We also have Natural Abundance, who is supplying 100 gallons of water throughout the day, so we’ll have some ice-cold water for everybody. I also got a lot of bottled water as well,” said Barbato.

Barbato says if the heat gets extreme, they’ll cancel the event. That, however, isn’t how he wants the first Juneteenth celebration in Aberdeen to go.

”I looked to see what the highest temperature was in Aberdeen on-record. I think it was 116. If we hit that, we’re done, but I don’t want to have to cancel,” said Barbato.

Learn how to spot symptoms of heat stroke here.

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