Workshop for families interested in homeschooling hosted in Sioux Falls

One local organization in Sioux Falls is looking to help to families find the information and help they’re looking for.
Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 9:20 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - High school can be a tough time in life for teenagers and their families. And if they’re looking to homeschool, it could be difficult to know what resources are out there. One local organization in Sioux Falls is looking to help to families find the information and help they’re looking for.

Anchored Homeschool has been working now for some time trying to build a network of homeschool families in the Sioux Falls area. That’s because the organization says there’s more families interested in homeschooling now more than ever.

“Homeschooling has grown a ton in the last couple of years with the pandemic. And then honestly, people just realizing it’s actually sometimes kind of fun to have my kids at home with me, and to spend time with them and learn with them.” Co-founder Rebecca Lundgren said.

Lisa Nehring is the Director of True North Homeschool Academy. She said high school can be the most confusing time for kids and families who homeschool, trying to figure out what’s needed to keep up with requirements.

“It’s what everybody’s worried about. Because they feel like things get really serious in high school, because everybody’s working on what do you do after high school. How can you get into college, how can you launch your kid as a young adult.” Nehring said.

Lundgren said these conversations helped her as she still has one child going through high school at home now.

“I have one who’s going to be a senior next year. She gets the time to pursue her own passions and dreams. I have a freshman who will actually be going to public school next year, which that’s what she has requested. That’s what she wants to do for her learning.” Lundgren said.

Nehring said these meetings are important to connect those looking for answers about homeschooling, not only connecting them to local resources but local individuals to answer questions. And there’s more information and help out there now than ever before.

“There’s so many resources now, especially since 2020. The world has totally changed. And I mean the talent pool is just huge, and there’s just resources everywhere for people.” Nehring said.

Lundgren said Anchored Homeschool is having another event coming up in July for families and parents interested in homeschooling, as the school year gets closer.

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