Sioux Falls holds Pride Parade and Festival

Published: Jun. 18, 2022 at 4:32 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Today was the Sioux Falls Pride Parade, and many people were excited to celebrate with some free mom hugs.

Melissa Hofer was at the parade today and was offering free mom hugs to anyone wanting support at the parade. She says this is especially important to her with her field of work.

“When we were growing up it was against everything, so the free mom hugs, they’re not alone, and being in medical, I’ve seen those kids that have taken their lives for it and there’s no reason to,” said Melissa Hofer, parade participant.

KC Sunshine participated in the parade as well and says the best way to support the cause is celebrating it.

“The biggest impact that you can have in life or in the world is just being present and showing up. So, people just being here, showing up, showing their pride, showing their identity, being proud of who they are. I think that is a huge impact by just being present here,” said KC Sunshine, parade participant.

Peter Klein, who works with human resources for Wells Fargo, a company that is celebrating 30 years of pride, says showing support helps to make people feel welcome in the community.

“It creates a safe environment where if you feel different, you can feel welcome, and this is a great opportunity for that,” said Peter Klein, Wells Fargo human resources network group for pride.

Reverend Shaneequa Brokenleg, staff officer for racial reconciliation for the episcopal church agrees and says it’s important to show people they are loved.

“That we show folks that they’re loved and that they have a place and that they belong and that they are enough,” said Reverend Shaneequa Brokenleg, staff officer for racial reconciliation for the episcopal church.

People were thankful for another great pride parade and festival.

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