‘CybHER’ security camp aims to bring women into cyber security

‘CybHER’ security camp aims to bring women into cyber security
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 3:23 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The threat posed by cybercriminals continues to grow and so does the need for people to work to protect our private information, which is why Dakota State University Hosted the ‘CybHER’ security camp to serve that need in the future.

The camp brought 125 middle school girls from all across the U.S. into Madison to teach them about the importance of cybersecurity.

Bridget Bean, the assistant director for integrated operations at the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Agency, is the keynote speaker at the camp.

“Cybersecurity is important, and why it’s important is because there are adversaries out there that want to take advantage of people communities, and organizations that aren’t well protected,” Bean said.

Cybersecurity may seem like a scary field to pursue.

“I want the campers to know that they don’t have to think that there’s only one thing to do in cybersecurity. There’s so many,” Kanthi Narukonda said, the lead instructor at the camp.

Throughout the week the campers will learn a wide variety of skills.

“They’re going to be learning about coding, they’re going to be learning security, they’re going to be learning about forensics. This camp is going to provide an opportunity for these girls to explore and to be independent and to figure out which part of cybersecurity talks to me,” Bean said.

Roughly only 25% of the workforce currently in cybersecurity are women, and the goal of this camp is to help that number grow.

“In the next few years it will change and it has to change. Seeing all these young girls here I know it will change,” Narukonda said.

“If we do not increase the number of women in cyber security, we as a nation are really going to be missing out on incredible talent,” Bean said.

Camps like this are funded by grants from the National Security Agency and take place all across the country to provide girls with a unique opportunity.

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