Alternatives for women during tampon shortage

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 9:18 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Various shortages have affected people all over the world, now a recent tampon shortage is impacting, not just women everywhere, but organizations that collect toiletries.

As shelves remain empty, some women are looking for alternatives, something that may not be an option for others.

While everyone is impacted by all of the shortages around the world, now, those in poverty may be the highest.

“Some people must make some really tough decisions and as you throw a recession on top of this, inflation. People are having to choose between putting food on their table and taking care of their own health,” said Brienne Maner, Co-founder of the Pad Party.

Brienne Maner is the executive director for Start Up Sioux Falls and co-founder of the Pad Party which raises funds to donate pads and tampons to the Banquet as well as different Sioux Falls schools.

She says people should consider using alternative methods during this shortage.

“Rather than rushing out when we hear that there’s a shortage, we don’t want to hoard. That’s the last thing we should be doing as a society is going out and buying all the products,” said Maner.

Instead, she says we should keep tampons on the shelf for those in need.

“Save it for people that actually need it and if you have the means and if you’re willing to try something different and new, try one of these other products,” said Maner.

She says many people do not realize how many alternatives there are.

“Products like Thinks and the Diva Cup, you know there’s alternatives to pads and tampons that we could consider,” said Maner.

She says this should be used as an opportunity to try new innovations while the supply chain balances out.

“Hopefully, the market bounces back and I’m hopeful that it will but I think this is our opportunity to innovate and think about those other alternative products,” said Maner.

Many of these alternative products can be found at various stores here in Sioux Falls as well as online.

Meanwhile, Protector and Gamble, makers of “Tampax” and “Always” say they’re making them as fast as they can, but a shortage of cotton is slowing production.

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