Mobridge prepares to host “Sitting Bull Stampede”

The Mobridge Rodeo is one of the premier facilities in the state. But the work to get it to that point has been over the course of several years, and is ongoing.
The Mobridge Rodeo is one of the premier facilities in the state, and host a variety of well attended events throughout the year.
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 10:46 PM CDT
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MOBRIDGE, S.D. - For decades, people from across the region have flocked to Mobridge for their rodes.

And one of the biggest ones that happens every year is this weekend, the “Sitting Bull Stampede” Rodeo.

“Mobridge is known for the rodeo, it is our tradition,” explained Kyle Jensen, Mobridge City Councilman. “77 years in, we have had a great group building and improving this facility, which is probably the best in the state.”

The event, which features other attractions like carnival games and a dance hall, draws thousands from across the area.

This year, it’ll come at a peak time for the facility, which has undergone, and continues to undergo, a number of major improvement projects.

“We recognized a few years ago that we needed to do a major update,” said Darrell Schlepp, Mobridge Rodeo Foundation President. “We needed to renovate the facility, make it handicap accessible, there were just a lot of things that needed to be done.”

The improvements have been made possible in large part due to the generosity of the city of Mobridge, and because of private donors. The hope is to continue to find ways to make this a world class facility moving forward, because of the benefits it provides the city and community.

“This facility stimulates our economy, brings people to town, Mobridge is a hub,” Jensen said. “For about 75 miles each way, we provide almost everything.”

It is just a top notch facility, going around the state we get a lot of compliments on the facility and the cleanliness of everything, and we try to keep it straight too.”

For the Sitting Bull Stampede Rodeo event this weekend, festivities begin Friday afternoon.

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