Choosing fireworks with fun, safety and your budget in mind

“Another thing we’ve been handing out this year are safety glasses, said Raderschadt.
Published: Jul. 2, 2022 at 7:15 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -From sparklers to cascading colors in the sky, fireworks can be the highlight of your gathering. But, there are more ways to discover your fireworks choices before you get to the till, stay on budget, and keep safety in mind.

There’s anticipation and excitement as shoppers make their way from I-29 and 60th street to Hot Shot fireworks.

“People come here every year, and I think half the fun sometimes is picking out fireworks and being in this store with the music playing,” says Shelly Raderschadt, Manager of the Sioux Falls store.

Prices can add up, and Raderschadt understands shoppers want to get the most bang for the buck. Buying fireworks in bundles than by the piece can help keep costs lower per item.

“Where you can pick your budget and you can find a show, just perfect for your family, said Raderschadt.

There are different themes to choose from.

“We picked a patriotic theme because it seemed like so many fireworks. We’re forgetting why we do fireworks, said Raderschadt. “We do a biblical theme and that has bible verses on it. And we have an outdoorsman theme, which I think is because of my husband because he’s an outdoorsman.”

You can preview a display before you take it to the checkout counter.

“You can take your phone and use a QR code and actually watch that shell before you buy, said Raderschadt.

Whether your purchase is large or small, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue reminds you to play it safe.

“Read safety precautions. Be prepared for fires by having a garden hose, water bucket, sand, or fire extinguisher available for use. Prevent fires by soaking fireworks and water after use,” said Fire Marshall Dean Lenier in a recorded statement.

Raderschadt wants her customers to have a safe and happy fourth of July too.

“Another thing we’ve been handing out this year are safety glasses, said Raderschadt. “And one of my family’s favorite safety tips is we shoot all of our fireworks in a tire so that if your firework would tip, the tire actually catches it, so you don’t send people running.”

Raderschadt says roman candles have changed in the last few years. Although they’re designed to be shot from the ground, so many people were holding them and getting injured that the industry made them less powerful. Also, check local regulations about when and where you can shoot off fireworks.

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