Huron cleanup continues after derecho storm

Cleanup efforts are still underway in Huron after the July 6 derecho storm
Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 6:51 PM CDT
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HURON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Cleanup efforts are still underway in Huron after the July 6 derecho storm left countless branches down, trees fallen and roadways flooded.

Roadways near the James River remain underwater after more than three inches of rainfall during the storm on the afternoon of July 6.

”We still have some roads that are closed due to flooding. We also have our parks, which are currently underwater,” said City Commissioner Drew Weinreis.

Winds that were reported to be up to 96 miles per hour also caused branches to clutter the streets. The city has put a temporary tree disposal location at the Huron Arena, but crews have already started gathering them as well.

”Our city crews have already began, right away, clearing the streets. We are working on opening our streets up, and then we will begin picking up all of the trees from the boulevards,” said Weinreis.

Large trees are also down, including one in Mayor Gary Harrington’s yard.

”About an hour later after I got done, I decided I should come home and see what’s going on. When I got home, I came out to this. A tree is on my roof now, on my second floor. The tree was over 50 years old,” said Harrington.

Harrington says after all the storms that have hit Huron this year, he’s confident the city knows how to clean up damage quickly.

”We’ll do it as well as we did last time. Our employees know how to do it. They’re only about four weeks removed from doing it the right way, and they’ll do it the right way again,” said Harrington.

City officials say it could take up to two weeks before the cleanup efforts are finished, but citizens began the work as soon as the storm passed through.

“When I came home, there was people already out, and they were doing it until late last night. Many people that weren’t affected were working on our gutters and getting our gutters opened up because our intersections were completely flooded,” said Harrington.

According to NorthWestern Energy, nearly 200 homes were still without power Wednesday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

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