Could a nationwide CO2 shortage impact local breweries

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 9:50 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Different businesses in Sioux Falls rely on CO2, this comes after breweries have also faced other challenges such as aluminum shortages.

While different breweries across the U.S have had to close their doors, here in Sioux Falls local breweries say they have not felt the impact just yet.

CEO of Remedy Brewing company in Sioux Falls, Matt Hasted says they have seen more of the impact through prices of CO2.

“We’re lucky we’re with a very good supplier that has a constant supply, where we are seeing it, more is with the price increase,” said Matt Hasted, co-owner of Remedy Brewing CO.

Glacial Lakes Distillery also obtains its CO2 from the same distributor as Remedy and says they would also feel the impact if the shortage were to hit more locally.

“We use CO2, I order a tank once a week or so, we use it just to push beer out of our draft system,” said Quentin Robertson, co-owner of Glacial Lakes Distillery.

While CO2 may not seem like a large concern to the average person when thinking about consuming different craft beers, Hasted says it is crucial to the process.

“Brewing is secretly quote on quote a vary CO2 dependent industry, oxygen is a horrible touch your beer,” said Hasted.

He says if a shortage would come to Sioux Falls it would affect many breweries as well as bars in the area.

“If the CO2 supply dries up a lot of the beer supply will dry up,” said Hasted.

They want to assure people that their doors will be open for the time being

“Let people know not to worry about it, we’re still going to keep pushing and selling and all that good stuff,” said Robertson.

While different breweries and distilleries in Sioux Falls will remain open, they will still be faced with other challenges such as higher costs for materials.

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