Texas family of 5 expecting ‘1 more child’ surprised with quadruplets

Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 11:07 AM CDT
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HOUSTON (KHOU) – A Texas family of five was in for the surprise of a lifetime when they found out they would be adding quadruplets to the family.

After trying for just “one more child,” Gaby and Patrick Hagler discovered they would be having four.

The couple got married in 2018, each bringing in a child of their own from previous marriages, Paxton and Kalleigh. It didn’t take long to become a family of five with Sammy, their now almost-3-year-old son.

While Gaby Hagler said, “Life was already hectic,” the couple decided their family would feel complete with one more child.

She got pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. After healing from that loss, they wanted to try again.

With the help of fertility medication, Gaby Hagler got pregnant again. But at her 12-week ultrasound, they were shocked to find out she was carrying quadruplets.

For the next several months, the Haglers navigated the high-risk pregnancy.

“It became this beautiful group effort where everyone believed these boys could make it to that day, and we did,” Gaby Hagler said.

On June 22, at 34 weeks, Gaby Hagler gave birth to four sons – Adam, Bennett, Coby and Dane. Three weeks after their birth, they were able to head home.

“There are moments of chaos, but it’s not what I expected,” Gaby Hagler said. “The love in this house now is tangible.”

The family of nine is finally complete and ready for the journey ahead.

“We’re looking forward to what life has in store for these guys,” Patrick Hagler said.