Van Holland still kicking for Garretson football team while also playing soccer for the Blue Dragons

Jenna was one of South Dakota’s best in her junior season
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 12:08 AM CDT
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GARRETSON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -We featured Garretson kicker Jenna Van Holland as an Athlete of the Week last fall. The Blue Dragons kicker is back for her final season after show-casing her skills at a very high level.

Cooper Seamer tells us what to expect from the soccer standout who can also boot a football with the state’s best.

Last year, Jenna Van Holland had to get up to speed on kicking a football, taking the lessons she’s learned from the pitch to the gridiron.

But it was an outstanding season for her, making 35-38 point after attempts on the season. “I learned a lot of things last year from playing football. I think I became a more confident player and person. So, I think taking those things and bringing them into this season will help me.” Van Holland said.

Now entering into her second year on the team, the Garretson senior is back on the field getting ready for another season. Head Coach Jerry Weiland said this time though as one of the team’s leaders. “She’s a leader, she’s a competitor. She just does her thing, whether it’s soccer, football, anything in her work, other programs that’s she’s im, other activities. She’s a leader there.” Weiland said.

VanHolland says the experience last year helped her realize how inspiring it was to others, especially younger kids at Garretson. “I didn’t know the amount of support I had going into the first game. And after that first game, it was like I knew the community was even behind me and there was just so many people behind me. So I think knowing that this year going into this season, it’s just going to help me and make me a more confident player.” Van Holland said.

And most importantly, Weiland says the team has her back as well. Even though juggling practice schedules for soccer and football means the team doesn’t see her everyday, they know she’s putting in just as much effort as them to win games. “Because it was definitely an earned position. This had nothing to do with just tryouts, here it it is. And boys and girls tried out for that, and she definitely got the position.” Weiland said.

VanHolland says no matter how far she and both the soccer and football teams make it this year, she wants to do the best she can to put both a leg up over the competition. “I’m just hoping to definitely replicate it, and to have the most fun I possibly can.” Van Holland said.

And help lead the Blue Dragons as far into the season as possible.

In Garretson, Cooper Seamer, Dakota News Now.