Thuro Reisdorfer a thoroughly complete player for Coo

Karl’s TV & Appliance Athlete of the Week
Karl's TV & Appliance Athlete of the Week
Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 11:27 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Thuro Reisdorfer doesn’t know how or why he got his unique first name.

“I always ask my parents and they don’t really tell me. But my dad was the one that named me so ultimately he has the reason behind my name but I’ve took it and just rolled with it!” Thuro says.

He just knows he has to live up to it.

“I know my role. I can take it to the crib though! I can go far!” Reisdorfer says.

“It’s reassuring. I mean anytime you got a guy like him in the backfield you know he’s going to go make a play.” USF Senior QB Adam Mullen says.

Yet the Sioux Falls native has never been assured of anything. He played sparingly at Washington High School before breaking out in his senior year of 2016, though he’d share carries with South Dakota’s all-time 11-man rushing yardage and touchdown leader Tupak Kpeayeh.

“My days in high school was a little different because I didn’t really play till my senior year. But when I got here (University of Sioux Falls) this is really where I fell in love with the game because the grind is real whenever you come here.” Reisdorfer says.

At USF Thuro had not one, but two all-conference running backs ahead of him, sitting at first behind Max Mickey in 2017, and then Gabe Watson in 2018.

“I knew that I was going to be on the bottom but I think it was also great because I had great people to look up to. I looked up to Max for sure. He was a young, small, shifty dude who could get it done. And then when Gabe came I kind of based my game off of him. They laid a foundation for me and I just followed the formula.” Thuro says.

Reisdorfer proved a good student when Watson went down to injury in 2019. In each of the last two seasons he’s run for more than 1100 yards and racked up 23 total touchdowns. He’s also been a factor in the passing game with five touchdown catches.

“He’s the same shy, quiet kid that he’s been in this program. We’re pushing him to come out of his shell and we’re seeing that which is pretty cool for a guy that’s been here for five years now. He should feel comfortable with what he’s achieved. But he sets his tone with being a humble worker.” USF Head coach Jon Anderson says.

Though he once again shares carries, this time with Landon Freeman, Thuro has put himself at the top of the class, and knows staying there takes complete and thorough effort.

“For me to be in this position I just got to understand that the job is not finished. We got to keep moving and I got to keep myself level headed.”