Two veterans make Midwest Honor Flight despite absence of brother

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 4:35 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Hattervig family has a strong military history even before three brothers served during the Vietnam War.

Jack served in the Navy, Mike in the Army, and Roger in the Marines. Their father also served in the military in the Army Air Corp in World War II.

When the opportunity presented itself for the three brothers to participate in the Midwest Honor Flight, it was a clear and easy decision.

But as the big day approached, the easy decision became slightly complicated because of one brother’s health.

“We were scheduled for quite some time on this Honor Flight,” said Roger Hattervig. “After the scheduling occurred and it was all set to go, our brother found out he had cancer. Serious cancer, so it behooved us to be even more diligent in going on this and we’re glad we did. It was great. These people do such a terrific job and we had Mike with us all the time.”

From sun up to sun down, on a long day that involved traveling across two time zones, moments of jubilation and moments of silence to respect and honor those that cannot be with us in the present.

“We’ll see him real soon,” said Jack Hattervig. “We got some mementos for him we picked up. He wanted to be there really really bad and he couldn’t so, we’re going to bring it to him the best we can.”

Despite the physical absence of their brother Mike, the two still described the day as perfect.

“I’ve never been to these memorials ever and it exceeded my expectations. I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity through honor flight to go.We had an outstanding time and I learned so much about all these monuments.”

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