Low unemployment rates ease students’ job stress

The 2.3% unemployment rate in South Dakota makes it the 6th lowest rate in the country for August.
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 7:12 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Northern State University hosted an Internship and Career Fair on campus Thursday, but the current state of the labor market has made recruiters change the way they find employees.

According to the Department of Labor and Regulation, there are nearly 26,000 jobs being advertised in South Dakota as of September 21st, but there are only 11,000 unemployed residents in the state.

The 2.3% unemployment rate in South Dakota makes it the 6th lowest rate in the country for August.

Due to the high amount of available jobs and low amount of potential employees, employers, like the Department of Transportation, have to get creative when recruiting employees.

”We started doing a bunch of walk-in hiring events. It’s kind of a first-interview type event at various auto shops around the state. We’re going to student career fairs, just trying to get our name out there,” said Matt Dorfschmidt, a Region Design Engineer for the DOT.

Despite adding hiring incentives and doubling-down on recruiting efforts, Dorfschmidt says it is still hard to find employees in a competitive market.

”We’re always looking for people, but as of late, it seems like more and more. It just seems like there’s a lot more open positions now than there ever was,” said Dorfschmidt.

Dante Casanova, a finance major at Northern State, says the abundance of job openings allows college students entering the workforce to be pickier.

“I do feel that expectations certainly have changed, and that’s kind of what our generation has come to see. We know our values as people and that’s what we go toward, the people that are going to give us the most for our services,” said Casanova.

Casanova says that mindset is different than those of older generations.

”My dad was telling me that when he was young, you would go to a job and you would stay there for 40 years. Now, the expectations are changing. You go toward where you get the most,” said Casanova.

Due to the amount of jobs available, Casanova says he’s less worried about finding a position after graduation.

“It relieves stress. It kind of gives me a sense of, you know, they’re looking for me and I know I’ll eventually find something because those opportunities are out there now,” said Casanova.