Brown County Farm Bureau gives farmers free lunch during harvest

During their ‘Feed the Farmer’ campaign, members of the Brown County Farm Bureau spent the morning packing 75 lunches
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 4:37 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The weather is cooling down, which means farmers are working long days with few breaks to harvest their crops, and the Brown County Farm Bureau is showing those farmers appreciation by giving them a complimentary meal.

The tradition started last year. During their ‘Feed the Farmer’ campaign, members of the Brown County Farm Bureau spent the morning packing 75 lunches to take to local farmers.

Matt Bogue, a staff member for the South Dakota Farm Bureau, made his way to Aberdeen to help disperse the lunches. Bogue comes from a farming family, and he understands how much work goes into harvest season.

”This is a really busy time of the year. My own family farms in two parts of the state. A lot of the time, it’s very stressful trying to get everything done and you don’t even have time for lunch,” said Bogue.

That’s why it’s important to show the farmers appreciation for providing food for others.

“It is our number one industry. A lot of times, people don’t have time to take a break and sometimes, it can be stressful too. Just by providing that free meal at lunch, it gives them that opportunity to keep on working and get the job done. That’s one thing that South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers are really good at is being able to grow the food that is put on our plates every single day,” said Bogue.

The members of the Brown County Farm Bureau drove all across the county looking for anyone working in the fields.

“There are farmers last year when we did this, it was the first year we did it, that said, ‘Geez, we didn’t think you’d find us out here.’ We just drive up and down the roads looking for a combine running and dust flying and stop in and tell them, ‘Thank you and here’s a lunch,’ and go on our way,” said Jeff Wolff, president of the Brown County Farm Bureau.

The members make sure to pack enough lunches to feed the whole crew working during harvest.

”It may be one or two lunches at once stop or it may be five or six, depending on how many people are out there, truck drivers, grain cart drivers, combine drivers. So, we try and get out to the far reaches of the county,” said Wolff.

Information on how to join the Farm Bureau was also included with the lunches. Wolff says joining the Farm Bureau means having representation in lawmaking surrounding agriculture both in the state and nationwide.

”It’s a grassroots organization. We have people in Pierre during the legislative session watching what goes on in Pierre and keeping their thumb on the things that affect agriculture as well as the national Farm Bureau has people in Washington,” said Wolff.

The Brown County Farm Bureau will deliver another 75 lunches to local farmers on Friday as well.