Minnesota nurses oppose Sanford-Fairview merger

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File- Nurse(MedicAlert UK)
Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 11:47 AM CST|Updated: Nov. 17, 2022 at 11:48 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - According to the Minnesota Nurses Association, nurses have voiced concerns about the proposed merger between Sanford Health and Minnesota-based Fairview Health based on past corporate actions.

As stated on the Minnesota Nurses Association website, nurses say they believe the merger would prioritize corporate expansion over patient care. The nurses say the merger would benefit the top executives from both organizations, growing their profits while doing little to enhance patient care. On the website, the nurses pointed to a recent move in which a former Sanford CEO spread medical disinformation and was then granted a “golden parachute,” which came with a $49.5 million payout.

The full statement from the Minnesota Nurses Association website can be read below.

“MNA Nurses strongly oppose these proposed corporate mergers by our hospital CEOs at the same time as they continue to close hospitals, pay millions to themselves and other top executives, and deny nurses and patients the resources needed to ensure safe staffing and quality patient care at the bedside.

“In the last three years, M Health Fairview closed two hospitals in the middle of a pandemic, including the state’s only dedicated COVID-19 hospital, at the same time CEO James Hereford took a 90 percent raise to more than $3.5 million in annual compensation. Sanford health paid a $49.5 million golden parachute to their disgraced CEO after he spread medical disinformation. And Essentia Health CEO David Herman took a $1 million raise in 2020, to now make more than $2.6 million each year.

“As the CEOs of M Health Fairview, Sanford Health and Essentia continue to withhold the resources needed to ensure safe staffing and quality patient care at the bedside, they have repeatedly made clear that their priorities are firmly focused on corporate expansion and their own bottom lines. Nurses have one concern: to ensure quality care for our patients. That starts at the bedside and extends to our communities. Corporate mergers and healthcare monopolies threaten to increase costs for patients and often result in hospital and clinic closures.

“Minnesota nurses oppose these mergers and demand a seat at the table in merger talks to ensure that the best interests of the community and nurses are included in decisions that will affect care access and quality of care. Essentia, M Health Fairview and Sanford must commit to full financial transparency as the health chains budget for corporate acquisitions over patient care; hospital CEOs must also commit to keep all community healthcare facilities open in the event of any merger or acquisition.”

Minnesota Nurses Association