‘He had a lot of life ahead of him’: Disabled dad killed in road rage shooting, police say

An argument led to a man killing a father dropping off a birthday gift for his daughter in Chandler, police say.
Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 3:41 PM CST
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CHANDLER, Ariz. (KPHO/Gray News) -- A family in Arizona is grieving the loss of a 29-year-old husband and father killed Monday in an apparent act of road rage.

Although the Christmas tree is up in the home of Yomara Ruiz, she and her daughter, Mireina, will not be celebrating the holiday.

“It just feels empty now,” Ruiz said. “I don’t look forward to Christmas.”

Chandler Police said Mireina’s father, Carlos Dorion, was driving to his daughter’s house to celebrate her birthday when he got into an argument with another driver.

The driver, identified as 37-year-old Domingo Luz, followed Dorion to the house, according to court records.

Officials said Luz left the home to get a gun at a nearby apartment before returning and shooting the 29-year-old father as he was pulling his truck out of the driveway.

“He had ten minutes to think about his actions,” Ruiz said. “Ten minutes to go back and get his gun and come back. He had time to calm down, but he decided to kill someone.”

Ruiz and her daughter were inside the house when they heard the shots fired. When they ran out, Dorion’s truck smashed into another car, and he was dead.

Police arrested Domingo two days later and charged him with first-degree murder. Domingo reportedly drove back to the house to commit the murder with his son and girlfriend in the car with him.

According to KPHO, Dorion had been wheelchair-bound since he was paralyzed at the age of 18 and would not have been able to run. He drove a special truck that allowed him to drive despite his disability.

“He had a lot of life ahead of him and a lot of love for people,” Ruiz said.

Dorion’s family said the world lost a wonderful man who devoted his life to being a good father and helping others.

“It’s hard to believe, it feels like a dream,” added Mireina. “It won’t be the same without seeing him, for life.”