Frisco, TX ready for Jackrabbit fans

Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 7:03 PM CST
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FRISCO, TEXAS (Dakota News Now) - The last time South Dakota State made the FCS Championship, it was in the middle of the pandemic where everything just felt off. Now a couple of seasons later, the City of Frisco is opening it’s arms in full for Jackrabbit fans.

From brand new shops and stores, to small town businesses, Frisco, Texas has quickly grown up with the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But more importantly for folks who live here, it’s become known for it’s love of sports. Visit Frisco Director of Sports and Events Josh Dill says they’ve embraced their reputation as the championship city for many colleges across the country.

“We feel like Frisco really puts the student-athlete first. We’re really excited it’s kind of made a home here in Frisco and it will be here for years to come.” Dill said.

Dill said while the Jackrabbits were here in the Spring Championship in 2021, a lot has changed in that year and a half. He said in the last few months alone, five new restaurant concepts have opened in the city in it’s Star District. And there’s plenty of new faces to cheer on with.

“Frisco is an up and coming city, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It’s a very affluent community, but it’s a city that’s built around sports. That’s what brought me here, that’s what brought a lot of folks here.” Dill said.

While the city itself is sprawling, it’s got plenty to check out from the sleek new market areas, to the old Rail District.

“Which is kind of our older, downtown area. A lot of character, a lot of really cool shops and restaurants down there. We’ve got Tumbleweed Textiles down there for anybody who’s looking for some Texas gear.” Dill said.

Dill sayid while they know some consider the city “Fargo South”, he’s hoping SDSU will be back again and help make it a truly competitive championship.

“Looking forward to seeing them back for years to come. We obviously got this championship for a number of years.” Dill said.