SDSU players soak in FCS Championship atmosphere

Published: Jan. 6, 2023 at 6:15 PM CST
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FRISCO, Texas (Dakota News Now) - The final bit of Jackrabbit Blue is down on one of Toyota Stadium’s endzones. While this trip to Frisco isn’t the first for many players for South Dakota State, it is the first time they’ve really got to soak in atmosphere.

“We’re all so blessed and thankful, we actually get the real experience. The first time in the spring last year, it was fun but we were only here for two days. This time we get the whole four or five days of being here, getting in, all the media day and practices. We’re all excited for it.” SDSU Junior running back Isaiah Davis said.

This is the second time SDSU has made the FCS Championship, but for the players this is the first real experience of what Frisco has to offer.

Unlike that spring-time championship, the whole of Frisco is fully on board hosting both the Jackrabbits and North Dakota State. That hopefully means a full slate of everything the city can give for the fans and players.

“It also is a little different because you get the full experience this time. It was a little different during COVID. It’s just really cool to see the endzone painted and some of that extra stuff.” SDSU Junior linebacker Adam Bock said.

That endzone is a special symbol, and for some it means that home in Brookings doesn’t feel very far away.

“Seeing that checkered endzone was a very positive thing. I think it kind of allows us to realize this is a big deal, but there’s still a piece of home with us. So it allows us to relax, and in a sense treat it like it’s just another game.” SDSU Senior wide receiver Jaxon Janke said

But all of that for the team is secondary. There’s still practice, meetings and walk throughs to get ready for. All of that getting ready for Sunday.

“We’ve put in the work all the way since August. So it’s kind of a really nice reward to be down here on a regular year. There’s no asterisk behind this one.” SDSU Senior defensive end Reece Winkelman said.

“We’re gonna be like travelers right now and take everything in,” SDSU Senior wide receiver Jadon Janke said. “But at the end of the day we’re gonna lock in and make sure we’re not obviously too hype leading up to game day. But we’re definitely going to get more focused in the coming hours and make sure we’re locked in.”

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