Two SDSU fans with different paths find same destination in Frisco

Two fans take different paths to FCS Title Game
Published: Jan. 7, 2023 at 11:53 PM CST
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FRISCO, TX (Dakota News Now) - Jackrabbit fans have come far and wide to be in Frisco.

I’ll give you two examples.

One is this guy right over here Lon Stroschein who was supposed to be in Hawaii later today on business, going through Dallas. He wrestled with it. And last night decided that I’m staying in Dallas for 2-1/2 more days. Then I’ll meet my wife Mindy Tuesday in Hawaii for vacation.

And doesn’t regret that one bit!

Lon Stroschein says, “When I wrestled with it it was like I’m either going to be here and enjoy those or be in Hawaii wishing I was here. So I’d just as well be here with all these people, all these Jackrabbits and having the time of my life. And then go to Hawaii when it’s over. This is what rivalries and national championships and life memories are built on. Win or lose, I’m going to talk about being at this game.”

The other has a very familiar last night. He drove all the way down from Selby and yes that’s where Stig is from. Jerry Stiegelmeier is here to cheer on his older brother and he couldn’t be more excited.

Jerry Stiegelmeier says, “My brother the head coach. He’s our claim to fame in the family and we love him so much and we’re so proud of his career and the season, the team, the program, the school. Go Jacks! I’m just happy to be here to support him.

When asked who will win Jerry says, “We are, Jackrabbits. Of course. Go Jacks!”

I think everyone in this room is in agreement that the Jackrabbits are going to win tomorrow. They come in as a solid top seed and are healthy and playing great football. And they were told in this pep rally to make lots of noise and make it feel like a home game for these Jackrabbits.