Sioux 52 works to help guide people through life’s challenges

Published: Jan. 9, 2023 at 10:26 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - January is National Mentoring Month.

In the Sioux Falls area, there is a mentoring program called “Sioux 52″. Right now they’re looking for more people who want to help guide others through life.

We talked to two people who are in the midst of their pairing right see what it is like.

You’ll find them once a week at Harrisburg South Middle School.

“We meet usually over the lunch hour and just kind of talk.”, says Lucas Lorenzen.

Lucas Lorenzen, who wasn’t sure he was cut out for this...

“Mentoring wasn’t really on my radar and it didn’t seem very natural to me....”, says Lorenzen.

....ANd 7th grader Tyler McQuistion, who likes to do what 7th graders do.

“Whenever I have my free time at home I usually do arts or play with my friends on my X Box or I build with Lego.”, says McQuistion.

But as it turns out, these two have struck up a real and true friendship.....all because Lucas attended what he thought was a business lunch with Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken. But the lunch....didn’t really end up being about business.

“He really didn’t talk about the business of the city or about Harrisburg...he just said the immense need for mentoring in our communities...and i took it seriously, that it was personal to him.”, says Lorenzen.

What was....and is...personal to the Mayor became personal to Lucas. When he was paired up with Tyler, it took on yet another personal meaning....

“It kind of offers of fresh view of what my community really is. i really get to look into the life and share this life with somebody who maybe has a whole different outlook on his day and life and I get to share in that.”, says Lorenzen.

“Having a mentor has been helping me deal and cope with a few things. just having someone to talk to.”, says McQuistion.

Both Lucas and Tyler say this has been good for them; both as individuals and as they team they have now been for more than a year now.

They learn from each other...both in their similarities and in their differences.

“Tyler is really an artist and something I’m not. so I’m interested in his talents.”, says Lorenzen.

“He’s a good guy. he has three kids and he takes good care of them.”, says McQuistion.