Luverne’s Ossenfort is ready for the next step as GM of Arizona Cardinals

Luverne Cardinal becomes GM of NFL’s Arizona Cardinals
Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 12:52 AM CST
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PHOENIX, AZ (Dakota News Now) -As we told you last night, Luverne Cardinal Monti Ossenfort is the new GM of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL.

He met with the press in Phoenix today and talked about his Midwest roots and work ethic that will come in handy in his new position. And all the steps along the way have him ready for this challenge.

Monti said today, ”I think it gave me exposure to every rung of the scouting process. I started as an area scout and moved over to the top and got into a director level and ultimately a Director of Player Personnel and really that’s led me up to this. It’s given me a perspective to see different facets of roster building, how different parts of the process play in. And also helped me form my own opinions of what worked in the scouting process and things I might tweak a little bit.”

Ossenfort was most recently Director of Player Personnel with the Tennessee Titan after serving in several capacities over 13 years with the New England Patriots. His first job is hiring a new coach to replace Cliff Kingsbury.