Construction companies face extra challenges with record setting snowfall

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 11:15 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -With record-setting construction expected again for 2023, there is another challenge; record-setting snowfall this winter.

After more snowfall, days start extra early at the Cherapa Place construction site. However, Eric Bender with Journey construction says the snow doesn’t slow down their progress.

“Some guys, just really good workers that’ll come in early, try to get the site opened up. You know, with 150 to 200 guys on the site each day, you definitely want to be ready for it,” said Bender.

Finding places to put the snow can be challenging. Side dumpers were required a few weeks ago.

“In a tight side like it is, there’s really no place to store material, let alone all the snow we’ve received. So pretty much everything you push up, you have to haul out,” said Bender.

Jesse Wolfe with Empire companies says residential construction projects also have the extra challenge of dealing with all the snow.

“On some of our developments, we are hauling some off-site,” said Wolfe. He points to the mounds of snow. “You kind of run out of places to put them.”

Construction delays could come from the logistics of delivery and storage.

“When the ground gets covered in snow, and you run out of places to put the materials at, you’re accustomed to storing outside, so you have to be a little more thoughtful and when and where you bring materials in, and that might affect the scheduling a little bit,” said Wolfe. “But for the most part, our crews are very dedicated and keep the job rolling.”

“Things are on track. You know you make your adjustments as you go when you get delays and do the best you can. So far, so good,” said Bender.

And that first warm day when you can walk out on the site without gloves and a coat?

“It’ll be a good day,” said Bender.

“You’re probably looking at the rain, but that will be a good day when we get to that point,” said Wolfe.