Dog owner runs off after young boy attacked by husky at park, family says

A father says an uncontrolled dog came out of nowhere and attacked his son at an area park. (Source: Arizona's Family)
Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 3:47 PM CST
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GILBERT, Ariz. (KPHO/Gray News) - A family in Arizona says their child was attacked by an out-of-control dog at an area park last week.

Will Richardson spoke to KPHO and showed what he called bite marks on his 9-year-old son Matthew’s neck and back. He said his son’s injuries were caused by an uncontrolled dog at the Crossroads Dog Park.

“He got very lucky,” Richardson said. “He was wearing a large sweater and the teeth went through the sweater and into his skin. If it wasn’t for that sweater, he would probably be a lot worse.”

The boy said he was inside the dog park on Feb. 10 hanging out with a friend, his mom, and their dogs when suddenly a white husky came out of nowhere and attacked him.

“He [the dog] jumped on me and I was trying to push him away,” Matthew said. “He kept hanging on to me and I couldn’t do anything.”

According to the family, several people ran over to help Matthew, who was on the ground bleeding.

The boy’s father said he was nearby and ran over as well. He said he looked around to find the owner of the dog that attacked his son but was told the man ran off and never came back.

“My personal opinion is there are good people and bad people, and this man is a coward,” Richardson said. “He ran away after my son was injured. I don’t understand why any human can let a kid be injured and not even worry if they are OK or not.”

Matthew’s family said he was rushed to a hospital and treated for multiple cuts and puncture wounds.

Richardson said it is now his mission to find the man whose dog attacked his son. He said he has been keeping an eye out at the dog park for the dog involved and the owner, who he described as a man with a white hat and glasses.

According to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, when someone is bitten, the dog must be quarantined if the owner can’t provide proof of registration and a rabies shot.

The Richardson family said they are worried about the dog biting someone else.

“There are thousands of people in the community looking for this guy. They feel bad for my son. We need to find him,” Richardson said.