Brandon Valley’s Oehme brothers all vying for state wrestling titles this weekend

4 brothers could win state titles in Rapid City
Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 11:30 PM CST
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BRANDON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -We’ve seen any number of sibling compete for and win state wrestling championships over the years. Yet we could see something that’s likely never happened before this weekend.....FOUR brothers winning state championships!

Zach Borg has more on our Karl’s TV & Appliance Athletes of the Week.....Jordon, Trason, Trevon and Brendon Oehme!

Seeing brothers together on the mat is nothing new. “I think wrestling, maybe more than other sports, you do see a lot of brothers come through together. A lot of times they train together, they push each other.” Brandon Valley Head Wrestling Coach Derek Outland says.

Four of them at once though? “I’m Jordon Oehme and I’m a senior!” “I’m Trason Oehme and I’m also a senior!” “Brendon Oehme, I’m an 8th grader!” “I’m Trevon Oehme and I’m a junior!” almost unheard of.

“Very unusual at four, all in varsity at the same time, and performing as well as they are.” Outland says.

So maybe it’s no surprise that another member of the family got twins Trason and Jordon , seperated by just two minutes at birth, hooked on wrestling. “Our cousin from Michigan, he wrestled and I think we basically got into it after we went and watched him wrestle and our dad just suggested to us to get into it.” Jordon says.

Younger brothers Brendon and Trevin followed, or in this case, fought their leads. “Getting beat up in practice a lot!” Brendon says.

The twins were the first to begin wrestling for Brandon Valley’s varsity team. “I mean, me and him, we’ve had near fist fights a lot of times!” Trason says.

“Basically we just got really competitive in the room and we kind of just about fought each other almost every day freshman year!” Jordon says.

“Someone maybe pulled a sweatshirt over someone’s head, something like that!” Trason admits.

Jordon has been runner up at state in each of the last two years while Trason won a state title in 2021 and has a pair of runner-up finishes. Trevon soon followed and won the 126 pound championship last season. “They’re styles are little bit unique as far as certain techniques they hit. But yeah they’re all very aggressive, they’ve all got great gas tanks, great endurance and like I say they’ve all got really high standards for themselves.” Outland says.

This year Brendon came aboard and quickly made his mark in the 106 pound weight class and each other. “I get pumped especially with this little kid! He’s the smallest one!” Trason says. “I had some expectations coming into this year but nowhere close to where I am now.” Brendon says.

In their first and only year wrestling together on the Lynx varsity squad, with Trason going to Air Force and Jordon to Indiana Tech next year, all four brothers won region championships and all four will be top seeds at this week’s State Tournament. “This is one and done that all four of us are together. It’s amazing. I just went it would have went longer.” Trevon says.

“Basically I’m just trying to slow it down. Make these memories with all my brothers because, after this year, it’s not like Trason and I are going to be home a whole lot.” Jordon says.

While keeping up with each other! “I watch all them win and I’m like oh, well, if they win I gotta do it now! I can’t go out there and lose, that would look bad on me! I wouldn’t want my last high school season to go any different. All of us with the opportunity to win a state title, that’s historic.” Treson says.

In Brandon Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.