Someone You Should Know: Finny Mini Farm saving animals and making an impact in Tea

Published: Feb. 22, 2023 at 5:28 PM CST
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TEA, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - This week’s Someone You Should Know is a real-life patron saint of animals who saves them when they are in need.

Lizzie Ju is the owner of Finny Mini Farm and Sanctuary in Tea and has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals with special needs.

“We started taking in unwanted rabbits and a herd of goats that summer and then we started to become known for the place with a lot of animals,” said Ju.

From sheep to goats, cows, and peacocks Lizzie accepts all broken animals who need a home.

“Visitors come out and see the animals. We really just started wanting to share the experience with people, letting people from in town see the animals,” said Ju.

“We go visit assisted living and retirement communities and share how fun animals are and how much love they have,” said Ju.

Previously neglected animals now have the chance to experience love and care.

“Finally found Finny Mini and I called Lizzie and said hey, I have this sheep. We’re not home enough. She buzzed up here in her little mini about twenty minutes from Sioux Falls. And it was really funny, we pushed the big thing into the back of her minivan. And he looked so happy,” said Sarah Davidson, the creator of the GoFundMe campaign for the farm.

“We got another little calf, a dwarf calf, she’s down there too living her best life,” said Davidson.

Visitors began donating money to the farm to help fund the animals and vet bills along with being open as a petting zoo.

“We have kids from other countries who just moved here and they spent their whole time in the city and they get to come here and they get to see the animals,” said Ju.

Over the winter, their shed collapsed on the van that they used for their family and transporting animals. People in the community have offered to help.

“I appreciate all of the people who have already donated to my GoFundMe page,” expressed Davidson.

“I just think that when people are as kind and humble as they are. It’s a good thing it’s a sign of humanity to reach out and help them,” said Davidson.

“I feel very loved,” said Ju.

“And I feel very taken care of. It brings me to tears. I am really grateful for this community we brought together and to see them take care of us is really nice,” said Ju.

Making a difference one animal at a time, the farm is much more than a sanctuary.

“It’s my therapy. Whether it’s shoveling poo or just sitting every evening in the summer I sit on the patio and let goats sit on me,” said Ju.

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