Harpe sisters lead Washington to 2nd AA title in 3 years for Warriors

Washington’s Twin Towers lead Warriors to another state championship
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 11:24 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -For the second time in three years the Washington Warriors won the AA Girls BAsketball Championship. Led by a two twin towers in Brooklyn and Hannah Harpe. Zach Borg has more on our Karls TV & Appliance Athletes of the Week.

Playing against Washington offers a dose of double vision that’s tough to get a focus on since Brooklyn and Hannah Harpe know how to play as one. “People ask oh do you have twin telepathy? But we just know each other so well. I know that if Brooklyn has someone slow on her she can score on that. I know if she cuts she’s going to be open and it’s really fun to play with her.” Hannah says.

Coordination has never been a problem, after all their mom initially started them in ballet and gymnastics.

Growing into their six foot frames and games has come along too. “Hannah is a very pass first person but it’s her defense and she hits big game shots when the time comes.” Brooklyn says. “Yeah I’d say that I’m definitely a little bit more passive because I know that I can make that pass and get them (Brooklyn and her teammates) points.” Hannah says.

And they almost immediately began contributing for the Warriors. “They can get after each other. When you have that sibling thing sometimes it’s good for your team because you can cut past the hurt feelings and whatever else and you can just be really direct. And then along with that the kids work really hard. They’re just good leaders and role models.” Washington Head Coach Jamie Parish says.

Winning the state title in their first year gave the Harpe twins the vision to win a pair of titles, and weighed heavily on them entering their final year of high school. “When you’re one of the two main players, when you have a bigger role, it means a lot more.” Brooklyn says. “Our sophomore year I feel like there wasn’t a lot of weight on our shoulders. Being seniors this year with out other seniors who we’ve played with since elementary school, it means a lot.” Hannah says.

With Brooklyn averaging 18 points per game, the Harpes did get the sweetest of championship wins to end their prep career and send them into their college careers at Sioux Falls.

And if the NSIC can’t tell them apart yet... “Most teams know who to look for. They know if I have the ball you gotta watch Brooklyn!” Hannah says. “And if I have the ball you gotta watch for her!” Brooklyn says. “So I think most people know who we are and if they don’t know who we are then they messed up!” Hannah says.

It won’t take long.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.